Science and technology are progressing faster than the general population’s understanding of this progress. General opinion needs to keep up with this change—only then can public policy and law adequately address these, harnessing them to derive maximum benefit from them.

We provide reliable information on bioethical issues to encourage others to join the conversation and question how scientific advancement is impacting our lives.

As students at one of the world's top universities, we are in a privileged position to lead this revolution in thought. We offer a unique perspective, supported by independent research, analysis, and a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds.

Through Think Bloomsbury, we empower students to drive this change.

Whether writing articles and literature reviews to publish in academic journals or conducting interviews with experts in the fields, writing opinion pieces or recording podcasts, we aim to promote new ways of thinking about science to better understand how scientific 'progress' will impact our society and what we can do about it.

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Our roles span various research, analytical, editorial, and administrative capacities. View our current opportunities here, or get in touch if you would like to discuss best to get involved with the institution.

UCL Bioethics and Medical Law Society is a registered society with the University College London Student's Union (UCLU).