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Past Events

Sir Jonathan Montgomery: Bioethics after Brexit  


Unfortunately, due to the recent developments and UCL's closure, we have had to cancel this event. We hope everyone stays safe during this period, and we hope to see you all next September! 


Prof. Charles Foster: Who Are You Today?

It was great to discuss the ambiguity of identity in medico-legal matters with Prof. Charles Foster--veterinary, barrister, and Oxford Bioethics Professor. Through interesting and relevant case studies involving circumstances like Alzheimer's disease, the effects of alcohol, or personality disorders, we explored the need to incorporate a more fluid definition of the individual in law.


Prof. David Gems: Are Biogerontologists Bastards?

We are so grateful to Prof. Gems for joining us for our taster event, "Research on Ageing: Are Biogerontologists Bastards?" We explored the danger of deceitful promises of "eternal life," as well as what longer life-spans may mean for our planet. We also explored the important distinction between more years of life and more years of healthy life.


Louis Theroux: Dark-States, Heroin Town

It was great to meet so many people at our inaugural social! We watched "Heroin Town", the first episode from Louis Theroux's documentary series Dark States. It prompted us to think about the role that healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and society as a whole may play in propagating the U.S. opioid dependence epidemic, as well as to consider how we may change our approach to addictions combat this.

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